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Video Art: From Theory To Practice

6:30PM - 9:30PM
Jan 29 - Apr 15
3.00 CEUs,
8 Sessions

Itziar Barrio Visual artist

The goal of this course is to enable students to create a video art portfolio, while simultaneously developing their thinking about how the medium creates knowledge. The course will draw on a rich body of readings to assist students in crafting their own video language, encountering fundamental works of visual and film theory as resources and tools to think through their work. As students create their own audiovisual pieces-from concept to storyboard to shooting to editing-we will study film theory and moving image references as an essential part of the process. Students will gain an understanding of audiovisual and video art techniques and formats, including video installation, web projects, and films, and cinema in its expanded form. Through individual tutorials, group conversation, in-class critique, and collaborative exercises, they will translate theory and technique into their own language and individual voice.
NOTE: Production and editing equipment is not provided. Students will use their own devices, such as smartphones and personal video cameras to capture footage, and computers for editing.


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