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Visual and Critical Studies

Visual and Critical Studies is an interdisciplinary program that offers artists, curators and writers courses to help them understand and interpret art, both contemporary and historical. For artists who want their practice enhanced by a deeper understanding of historical, social, cultural and theoretical movements, VCS is for you. We can help you place your practice in its historical context and give you the literacy to better articulate what you're making and why.


Be able to truly understand art and articulate your opinions—about your own work or that of others—within an historical and cultural context.

We offer courses covering theory, history and criticism, as well as interdisciplinary studio courses exploring current and emerging art practices, including performance, conceptual art and new media. Many of our courses offer a hybrid of studio and lecture—giving students a unique opportunity to get a deeper understanding of contemporary art through lectures and readings, while getting critique and feedback on their own work from their instructors and peers. Online courses are available.

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