SVA ContinuEd: Reinvention 2019

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Did you get the new SVA ContinuEd? The new issue our printed publication focuses on “Reinvention” and connects readers with a father-son teaching duo, an MFA student building communities, a student gallery, museum preview, and more.

Executive Director Joseph Cipri writes, “I believe the act of reinventing ourselves comes to all of us in small increments. Whether you wish to pursue a significant change in your life, refresh and renew skills, gain insight or just open up to new possibilities, all fall under the truly valuable pursuit of reinvention."

Open up SVA ContinuEd for access to the creative voices and stories of our community.

Our cover story features John and Mark Sposato, the father-and-son designers who co-teach the Design course, Type and Image: Graphic Impact. The Sposatos share insights on creativity, influence, work, and family. Learn how John has reinvented his design process through a decades-long career, while Mark builds his identity as a designer, filmmaker, and young faculty member.

Get to know MFA Brown Art in a feature by Carlos Rosales-Silva, who outlines the "anti-institution" that seeks to boost artistic voices otherwise marginalized by the larger art worlds. “We directly fund and support Black, Brown and Queer artists and practitioners without tokenizing or expecting free labor.”

Our student gallery showcases diverse art in a range of media, including quotes and reflections from real-life students about their creative journeys. And if you like seeing art, then check out our Museum Roundup, covering new shows at the world-class museums of New York City, including the Whitney Museum, the Cooper Hewitt, and MoMA PS1.

Read further to get to know the new SVA BFA Animation Chair, Hsiang-Chin Moe, and look back at the recent Art & Activism event.

Download SVA ContinuEd here, or read it online at Issuu.

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