Introducing the New Animation Chair

A Q&A with Hsiang-Chin Moe

The SVA BFA Animation Department welcomes new chair Hsiang-Chin Moe as she takes the helm of a department that is always on the cutting edge of what’s current in the animation scene. We sat down with Moe to gain her insights on the future of the department and animation industry.

SVACE: What are your insights on the department now and moving forward?

HCM: My vision for BFA Animation is to create a community that fosters the creativity of storytelling in the art form of animation. I truly believe everyone has a story to tell. The department is a collaborative effort among the animation faculty, its staff and myself to help students tell their stories and connect them with the industry, including exposure to film festivals.

SVACE: Where do you see the animation industry heading?

HCM: What challenges or new frontiers does the field face? The industry is changing rapidly, and it is driven by the fast-paced advancement in technology. When I was young, my mother would take me to rent Japanese animation on VHS. I would watch the same episode over and over again until I was told I had to return it. Fast-forward to 2019, I turn on many streaming services, and there is just so much content to choose from. This high volume of production comes with a high demand for talent. This goes hand in hand with what we must do for animation education, which is to stay on top of new production and trends in the field. Meeting the industry’s needs by connecting more talent to the industry is just as important as bringing the industry standards directly into the classroom. However, what drives successful content is still the core of the story. The challenge is to not get lost in the technological trends and to really pay attention to what the story is. We want to identify the most effective way to tell the story and tell it right. This is the responsibility that I would like to teach our students.

SVACE: What makes animation an important discipline right now?

HCM: The world is hungry for different types of stories. Everyone can find their own audience to share their views with the rest of the globe in a few clicks or swipes. The world of imagination turns so many possibilities into realities. This is an exciting time to be part of animation!

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