Faculty Updates: Judy Mannarino, Peter Hristoff, Sarah Grass, Elinor Carucci


What’s new with SVA Continuing Education faculty? How about new books, fairs, exhibitions, and more? We have updates to share with you from Judy Mannarino, Peter Hristoff, Sarah Grass, and Elinor Carucci.

Judy Mannarino is featured in New York Magazine’s The Cut for her Bronx painting studio. Wendy Goodman writes, “Artist and School of Visual Arts faculty member Judy Mannarino was looking for new studio space. She found the building while walking through the neighborhood and rented 4,000 square feet, which turned out to be more than she needed, so she brought in fellow artist and SVA colleague Steve DeFrank. Together, they broke it up into four separate studios, sharing one and subletting the other three. Gradually, word spread about the building."

Peter Hristoff’s classical silhouette works are included in “Museum as Muse,” a group exhibition now on view at SVA’s Flatiron Gallery. "His ongoing series 'Everything and Nothing, addresses current political, social and religious issues through the metaphoric use of museum imagery,” according to the press release. "The operatic, serial nature of the work examines ideas of collections and archives."

Sarah Grass will exhibit new drawings in "More Dusk Than Moth“ at the Spring Break Art Show. The special exhibition, hosted in Spring Break’s sprawling, midtown pop-up features nine artists making work in response to the folklore, history, and mythologies of our nocturnal, winged friends.

Elinor Carucci’s iconic photo, “The Kiss," is part of “30 years of Women,” a group show on view at Jackson Fine Art, Atlanta. Learn more about Carucci’s work in this Business Insider feature. A hot take? “I wanted to talk about aging, about the kids getting more distant and leaving soon, about my 25 years of marriage with my husband,” Carucci told Insider. “I wanted to talk about love, connection, joy, pain, loss, and the things that will never come back.”

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