Creativity during Coronavirus

Design students work from home with Anita Zeppetelli

As our community adapts to working from home and remote learning, many of us are taking another look at our creative processes. Are we set up to make work at home? How do we seek out immediate feedback? Design faculty member Anita Zeppetelli checked in by sharing updates from her class.

Anita writes:

"My branding classes have different assignments but both are at the logo phases of their project. My “Brand Identity-Creating an Image” class is designing a hotel brand while my “Experiencing Brands through Interaction Design” class is designing an interactive brand on Mars."

"I made a conscious decision to stay connected to my students while they work remotely. Working from home can be freeing but there can be less motivation to get things done. Losing momentum can be easy. Distractions are everywhere. Some work well in that environment while others struggle."

"Sometimes a little motivation goes a long way. I find that checking in with them every week helps, either in the form of offering feedback on their work via email or offering a 15 minute one-on-one call to go over design directions. It’s a little more work for me but well worth the effort. Plus, I miss them and it’s a good way to stay connected! Teaching, coaching or learning remotely or online isn’t a linear process and sometimes requires a multi faceted approach and a little flexibility.“

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