Animate with After Effects at SVA Continuing Education

Adobe After Effects for beginners and beyond

SVA Continuing Education is proud to offer budding animators, editors, and all-around digital enthusiasts access to learn one of the industry’s most prominent software programs in motion graphics: After Effects. The SVACE course, After Effects: Basic, is one of our most popular and provides students with a solid knowledge base in 2D and 3D visual effects for a multitude of digital media.

Industry professional and instructor Adam Meyers has a contagious enthusiasm for the subject, cultivating an engaging and comprehensive learning environment for his students. For Meyers, his entrance into the visual effects industry began in music with his experience in concert production and engineering.

“I went to Full Sail University in Florida as an audio major but ended up switching to animation, and I didn’t look back. When I returned to New York after school, I said yes to every visual effects job I was offered and used my concert production background as a means to time manage.”

Meyers’s teaching style mixes his positive attitude with a thorough technical knowledge of After Effects and encourages his students to become well acquainted with the platform: “Students want you to hold their hand, but I can’t do that. I like to think of the quote ‘If you give a man a fish...’ because hard work and self-discipline is what we bring to class.”

He also offers advice and his perspective on what beginners should be focused on when starting out. “Always think about what you want to gain from this and do your research. Budget your time, as it takes a while to be good, and much longer to be great.” After Effects: Basic is perfect for beginners aspiring to learn new skills or to enhance their motion graphics knowledge. “I only want my students to feel comfortable with the interface of the program,” Meyer says. “From that point on, they can then explore and let their creativity flow. But, they must always remember to practice.”

Adam Meyers teaches multiple online courses this summer. Learn more about the SVACE program by reading our new issue of SVA ContinuEd in print or digital versions.

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