Faculty Perspectives: the Coronavirus

SVA Continuing Education faculty address the pandemic

Here is Elinor Carucci’s self-portrait photo. She wears a breathing mask and is flanked by children.

Benefits, Taxes for Creative People During Coronavirus

How to stay on top of your finances

Here is a graphic design of colored post-it notes on which someone has written reminders about tax deadlines.

Keeping Sane During Covid-19

Mental health tips and strategies for creatives

Here is an illustration of a person meditating, with a tree in the background

Student Artwork Update: Lindsey Jones

Lindsey Jones shares her creative path with SVA Continuing Education

Here is an illustration of a young person admiring a street market display of fresh fish

Creativity during Coronavirus

Design students work from home with Anita Zeppetelli

Here is a black and white abstract design by a student, featuring loops and broad curves

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