Student Artwork: Carla Maldonado

SVA alum amplifies climate activism through video art

A lightbulb illuminates a collage made from headlines from periodicals, which read “Chaos” repeatedly.

Faculty Update: Panayiotis Terzis

A new show for the artist, publisher, and Riso wizard

Here is a psychedelic, colorful painting of robotic figures convening in a science fiction landscape.

Animate with After Effects at SVA Continuing Education

Adobe After Effects for beginners and beyond

In this photo, Adam Meyers points toward a projection while delivering a lesson about After Effects.

Gail Anderson Takes the Helm

Meet the new chair of SVA’s BFA Design and Advertising

Students celebrate with Gail Anderson in an amphitheater at SVA

Faculty Feature: Federico Muelas Romero

Pushing Forward into New Frontiers of Art and Life

In this photo, an abstract, blue image is projected onto the wall of a building, under a night sky.

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