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Illustration and Cartooning

Illustrators and cartoonists are communicators. Illustrators often use image to interpret texts or ideas, and cartoonists use image and text together to tell a story.

Whether you are just starting to explore illustration or cartooning, want to improve or develop a professional portfolio, or want to work on a personal project, we think you’ll enjoy our offerings—and you’ll get the chance to meet other aspiring and working illustrators and comic artists.


In addition to teaching technique, our professional faculty can give guidance about how to succeed in the business of illustration and cartooning.

We have courses to teach illustration technique including drawing with ink, brush, watercolor, collage, etching and beyond. We teach the basics of comics, covering the principles of narrative and sequential visual storytelling as we explore writing, panel layout, composition, inking and coloring.

We offer courses in children’s book and greeting card illustration. And with our faculty of working illustrators, we give insight into the business of illustration, including where to look for assignments and how to promote and price your work.

Comics are a big business, with comics evolving from the printed page to television series and countless major motion pictures. We have courses to help comic artists who wish to navigate that world and help them market and protect their intellectual property.

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