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Fine Arts

Our Fine Arts program reflects the full gamut of the greater art world, from drawing, painting and sculpture to multimedia, installation, performance art and beyond. We offer courses in these areas using both traditional materials—such as pastel, oil, clay and watercolor—to using 3D printing, bio materials, light and sound.


We offer access to a sculpture center, printmaking facilities, blacksmithing studio and even a bio lab. Come create among other artists, get feedback and make connections.

In addition to teaching technique and providing constructive criticism, we give you a space to explore and work. We hold courses in studios and workshops where you can work with stone, steel and wood. We have a sculpture center, a bio lab—where you can use living forms and science to create—and printmaking facilities, where you can take courses in silkscreen, woodblock, lithography and more. Some of our courses offer access to our facilities outside of scheduled sessions as well. Our program offers you—whether you’re new to drawing or painting, or a seasoned artist—time and space to work on your art, get one-on-one feedback, and meet and be inspired by other artists.

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