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Designers are in demand in fields such as branding, advertising and marketing, web and app design, packaging and product design and more. We have a faculty of graphic designers, art directors, creative directors and other creative professionals who can impart their expertise to you—whether you’re a design professional looking to sharpen your skills or are just starting to explore design.

For beginners, we offer many courses to train your brain to start thinking like a designer. Design involves both creativity and logic, and is ultimately about communication. We can improve your visual literacy and teach you about shape, color, contrast, perspective and typography.


Skilled designers are in demand from traditional outlets such as branding and packaging to web, app design and more.

For working designers, we offer advanced courses to give you a chance to experiment and grow. Perhaps you want to workshop some new ideas, get feedback on your portfolio, or explore a new area of design, such as web or UX. It also gives you a chance to network with other designers.

We also offer courses in client management and communication—the best designers can listen to what their clients want, be able to articulate their solutions to the client, and execute those ideas.

We also offer courses online, as well as a part-time BFA in Design.

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