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Professional Development

Many of us are thrust into the professional world and are just expected to wing it. However, there are best practices and methods professionals can learn to improve their workflow and move forward in their careers. For creative professionals in particular, we are here to help.

In the evolving marketplace, many creative professionals and artists work as freelancers and entrepreneurs. Learning the business of how to market yourself and your work is integral to attracting and keeping clients. We also offer courses covering the ins-and-outs of starting up a business, starting from a business plan to hiring staff and keeping clients satisfied.


Get tips to better market yourself and your work, help attract and keep clients, improve your workflow, and more.

We have project management courses that can help all professionals, be they freelance or permanent creatives or business owners. In our busy careers it can be a great help to get some advice on how to improve our workflows.

Networking and connections are so important for creative professions—and we have courses that can assist with this. In fact, just signing up for a course and meeting your peers can be the beginning of new connections for you!

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