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This guide to the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in design offered through the Division of Continuing Education provides a description of the required foundation-year curriculum.

Information on admissions requirements, transfer credit, tuition, fees and financial aid is available in the School of Visual Arts Admissions Catalog. The SVA Handbook provides a description of all administrative services, procedures and regulations for SVA students. If you have any questions, please refer to these publications or contact:

Office of Admissions,
School of Visual Arts
342 East 24th Street
Ground Floor
New York, NY 10010-3994
Tel: 212.592.2100 
Fax: 212.592.2116 

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The Degree

To qualify for the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in design, a student must successfully complete a minimum of 120 credits, including 72 studio credits, 30 humanities and sciences credits, 15 art history credits, and 3 elective credits from any area. All degree candidates must pass the Proficiency Examination.

The Program

The BFA Design Department offers a number of required courses that form the core of the Department's curriculum, as well as electives from other areas of study. In addition to fulfilling studio degree requirements, students must also fulfill their art history, humanities and sciences, and elective requirements.


After all admission requirements have been met, the Committee on Admissions will notify applicants of its decision in writing. This letter will specify any advanced standing, transfer of credit and/or waivers of requirements.

Students should meet with their departmental advisor prior to registration each semester. The advisor will provide course counseling and will help arrange a satisfactory schedule of courses so that the BFA degree requirements may be met in a cohesive way. Matriculated students must register for a minimum of 6 credits each semester. Course selection must be approved by the departmental advisor. Students who fail to register for a minimum of 6 credits will automatically lose their matriculated status unless they have filed an official leave of absence form.

Upon successful completion of the foundation-year requirements, students must transfer to the full-time Undergraduate Division.

Financial Aid

Matriculated students may apply for financial aid to help offset costs while attending the School of Visual Arts. In order to be eligible, students must make satisfactory academic progress, as outlined in the Admissions Catalog, in order to continue to receive financial aid funds. For more information contact the Office of Financial Aid, 342 East 24th Street, New York, NY, 10010; telephone: 212.592.2030; e-mail: fa@sva.edu

Tuition and Fees

For the 2019-2020 academic year, the per-credit tuition rate is $1,400. Institutional aid, in the amount of $240 per credit, will be granted to matriculated students in the Continuing Education Design degree program. The departmental fee is $500 per semester for the fall and spring semesters.

Foundation Year Credits

Drawing 6 
Painting 6 
Sculpture 3 
Introduction to Digital Design 3 
Art History I, II 6 
Writing and Literature I, II 6

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